Ajax example

This example takes you through some simple examples of using Ajax, jquery, and feeds. I've listed the modifications that I made to various pieces of the project. The project is available at: https://googledrive.com/host/0B-W_U9RpVYKWdHpSaktsLXpRVFU/AjaxExamples112013.zip.

Initial setup of AjaxAndFeedsExampless:

Modifications in User domain object:

Added a last name and a first name to make the user profile more extensive for the examples.

Modifications in User controller object:

Addition of an Index controller object:

Modification of main.gsp

Modifications of index.gsp:

Creation of a _userDetails.gsp template

Modifications of user/show.gsp:

Mainly pulled out the main part of the user display and replaced it with a template.

Modifications of user/list.gsp:

Modifications of user/_loginform.gsp:

Addition of index/showslides.gsp:

Modifications of user/edit.gsp:

Modifications of comment/list.gsp: