CS 4413 Web Technologies - Fall 2015

Water drops on a spider's webThe Internet has revolutionized all aspects of modern life, and we are approaching a state where every individual and organization has a web presence. The original World Wide Web was designed for presentation of static information. Web 2.0 refers to a set of enabling technologies that allows the web to be participatory. Users interact with sites and with each other, generating new content and organizational structures. Information about individuals is gathered and made available at an unprecedented rate. This course introduces these new technologies from the viewpoint of application development.

Course topics


The world is your textbook.

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HTML5, PhP, JavaScript, CSS, Web services, mySQL, version control, cloud deployment


CS 3423: Systems programming
OR CS 3443 Application Programming


Kay Robbins
Office 3.344 NPB
Phone (210)458-5543
Email kay.robbins@utsa.edu
Office hours MWF 10 am - 10:50 and by appointment (also before class in the classroom).

Grading policy:

The laboratories build on one another. Each student will pick a website to build at the beginning of the semester and implement an aspect of it in each laboratory. The final project will consist of the skeleton built in the labs plus additional finishing.

Note: On time class attendance is mandatory. Attendance will be taken. If you need to miss a class, send an email to me on Blackboard before the class (or as soon after the class as is feasible) explaining why you will not be in class. If you do not have access to email at the time of absence, leave a voice mail at 210-458-5543 and follow up with an email on Blackboard as soon as you are able to. You are expected to provide documentation where possible. Students who have a poor attendance record or who come late to class on a regular basis hold the rest of the class back. These students may be penalized as much as a full letter grade.

Blackboard: The course uses Blackboard Learn, which is available at (http://utsa.blackboard.com). You will submit all laboratories and projects using Blackboard. Blackboard also provides internal class email, a course discussion page, and a course chat page. The course calendar is also maintained there.

Drop Date: The last day to drop is October 20, 2015

Late policy: If you hand-in a laboratory 1-2 days late, we will multiply your achieved score by 0.80. If you hand in a laboratory more than 2 days late, we will multiply your achieved score by 0.50.

University required syllabus information: Please see http://utsa.edu/syllabus for the standard information that appears on all syllabi
Credits: Spider Web Covered with Dew Drops from US Fish and Wildlife service http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Water_drops_on_spider_web.jpg