CS3733: Operating Systems
Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Dakai Zhu
Course/Section: CS3733.001
Time: Tuesday/Thurday: 11:30am - 12:45 pm
Classroom: NPB 1.202
TA (recitations): Xueling Zhang (zhangxlcss@gmail.com); Office hours: Tuesday 2pm-5pm in CS Main lab
Grader: Mohammedelfatih E. Abaker (mohammed.elfatih.94@gmail.com)
Office: NPB 3.338
Office Hours: Tuesday 2pm-3pm; Thursday 10am to 11am; or by appointment.


General Information

Class Schedule/Notes (tentative and subject to changes)


There will be NO recitation during the first week of class; The schedule of the recitation is tentative;

  1. Week-02: Recitation A: Using the system
  2. Week-03: Recitation B: Timing and static variables
  3. Week-04: Recitation C1: Context-Switching and Process Scheduling FIFO
  4. Week-05: Recitation C2: Process Scheduling SJF, PR, RR with a given quantum
  5. Week-06: continue recitation C
    Week-07: Qustion and answer session! Midterm Exam I;
  6. Week-08: Recitation D: Named pipes and reading from multiple file/pipe descriptors
  7. Week-09: Continue with Recitation D
    Week-10: Spring Break!
    Week-11: Practices with Questions and Answers on Memory Management!
  8. Week-12: Recitation E: POSIX Threads
    Week-13: Qustion and answer session! Midterm Exam II
  9. Week-14 (and 15): Recitation F: POSIX Mutex Locks
  10. Week-15 (and 16): Recitation H: Network Communication using UICI

Programming Assignments
Programming Assignments (codes need to be submitted on BlackBoard):
Homework (Please submit the electronic copy on Blackboard!)

Course materials are based on the ones kindly provided by Dr. Steve Robbins