Research Interests: 

  • Real-Time Embedded Systems; Parallel and Distributed Systems; Cloud Systems; Resource Management and Scheduling Algorithms; Low-Power Dependable Computing;

Current Projects

Past Projects

Current Students:

  • Bilal Siddiqui, Ph.D. (since 2018), Machine Learning and Systems (tentative) ;
  • Hamidreza Moradi, Ph.D. (since 2016), Performance Estimation and Resource Management in Cloud Systems ;

Graduated Students:

  • Rehana Begam, Ph.D. (2017), Time-Sensitive Virtual Machines Provisioning and Resource Allocation for Clouds; (First Employment: Intel Inc. CA)
  • Hang Su, Ph.D. (2015), An Elastic Mixed-Criticality Scheduling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems; (First Employment: VMvare Inc. CA)
  • Yifeng Guo, Ph.D. (2013), Energy-Efficient Fault Tolerance in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems; (First Employment: NetApp Inc. Sunnyvale, CA)
  • Xuan Qi, Ph.D. (2011), Scheduling for Energy and Reliability Management on Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems; (First employment: Nanometrics Incorporated, Austin, TX)
  • Nirali Patel, MS (2007), Thesis title: Fixed-Priority Based Reliability Aware Energy Management for Periodic Real-Time Tasks;
  • Joshua Curtis, BS (2007); Project: Programming of Handyboard and Tmote to Build a Mobile Sensor Element;
  • Salvador Rodriguez, BS (2007); Project: Design and Programming of LEGO Robots;

Research Grants/Awards: