Account Setup for Room 3.02.04 SB

General information about accounts:

The Computer Science Teaching Laboratory is located in room 3.02.04 SB and is part of the Department of Computer Science Laboratory Facilities. You must have an account in order to use this facility. The same account is used in all of the CS labs and classrooms on the third floor of SB. Generally you will receive an account as part of your enrollment in particular courses. If you are a computer science major, you will be able to keep your account until you graduate. Actually the account includes both a windows XP account and a Unix account. Your login (user) name for both systems will be the same. You should try to keep the passwords the same too. The account gives you access to email and a personal web page.

You are responsible for these accounts and should not give access to these accounts to anyone else. If you notice any irregularities in your account, please report them to your instructor as soon as possible. You are only to use these accounts for class-related work. If you misuse the accounts, you may be subject to disciplinary action and may lose access to the facilities (and hence fail the course).

Logging in for the first time:

Your login (user) name will usually consist of the first letter of your first name followed by up to seven letters of your last name (all in lower case). If this usual login is already taken by someone else, you will be assigned a different login (usually up to 7 letters of the first name followed by the first letter of the last name.) Your initial password is the last 8 digits of your student ID number.  (Some of the numbers begin with an @ symbol and some will have a leading 0. Omit this) It is important that you do the initial log in carefully .

Logging out of your XP account:

Left mouse click on the START menu and select the Shut Down option.
Select the Close all programs and log in as another user option.

Your account structure from Unix:

Your account structure from XP:

If you already had an account:

Reading and sending mail:

Telnet to a Unix computer such as pandora if you don't already have an open ssh window. Type pine to use a simple email program. You may use one of the other email tools available on the system if you choose.

Forwarding your email to another account:

Use ssh to log in to your Unix account if you don't already have an open Unix window. You will need to create a file named .forward in your home directory that contains the email address of the account you want to forward to. The home directory is the one you come into when you first logged in. Type:
    pico .forward
(pico is a simple text editor on Unix.) You will be in the editor and ready to type. Just enter the email address. Type ctrl-X to exit. Answer yes for the prompt to save and press the tab key to move to the file name if necessary.

Problems with accounts 

Last Revision: August 18, 2007