Welcome Everyone!

(especially current students – heh, heh)


Education:  MS Electrical Eng & MS Computer Eng  from the Air Force Institute of Technology

                   BS Electrical Eng from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Specialties:  VLSI Design, Computer Architecture, Networks

Interests:      Steganography, Cryptography, Databases

Hobbies:       Programming, Photography, Soccer, Teaching, Physical Fitness

Currently Teaching:

          CS4953 - Steganography                     (Summer 2005)

Email:  jaaaaaoooo@satx.rr.com                 

(that’s 5 ‘a’ s and 4 ‘o’ s as in:

“Jaaaaaoooo - Daylight come and they wanna go home!”)

Courses Taught:

          EE3463 – Microcomputer Systems    (Spring 2005)

           EE3563 – Digital Systems Design     (Fall 2004)

 CS4953 – Steganography                   (Summer 2004)

           CS1063 – Intro to Computer Programming w/JAVA             (UTSA, Spring 2004)

CS3743 – Databases                             (UTSA, Spring 2003)

          Spreadsheet Applications                    (St. Leo College, 2000)

          Computer Architecture                         (St. Leo College, 2000)

          Database Applications                         (St. Leo College, 1999-2000)

Advanced Information Networks        (Air Force, 1992 – 1996)