John Quarles

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

University of Texas at San Antonio

Office: NPB 3.322

Email: jpq AT





My interests include virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, serious games, 3D user interfaces, interactive computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and modeling and simulation. To learn more about my research, go to my lab's research page.


If you are interested in doing research or an independent study with me, READ THIS FIRST.




FA17: Game Development


I am also a musician. I have composed many albums, both solo and collaborative, as well as three short film scores. My musical styles broadly include post-industrial, electronica, surf, folk, punk, bluegrass, chiptunes, blues, alternative rock, and the mixing of various genres. I am available to compose scores for film and video games as well.


My current band:

Victim Cache (2009 - present)


Current Solo Project:

Carbon Rapture (2008 - present)