Information for Students



If you have already applied for admission, you have done all that is required to gain full consideration for admission and financial support. 


It is not possible for faculty to provide an individual assessment of your chances of admission to our department.  In particular, students are not admitted to the department by research project directors, so contacting individual faculty has no effect on your chances of being admitted. I would encourage all students with GRE scores above 1350 and GPA scores of at least 3.5 (or top 10% of your graduating class) to apply.




My research is in the areas of:

    Computer Graphics (real-time, rendering, visualization, games)

    Virtual Environments (interaction, immersion, avatars, and real-world applications)

    Human-Computer Interaction (multimodal, wearable, and 3D interfaces)

    Interactive Simulation (serious games, medical training simulators)

If you are not interested in these areas, please contact a faculty member that shares your interests! If our interests coincide, please drop on by. 



The most important thing is that students are motivated, passionate, and interested in learning more about this area.  It helps if students should have had some  previous course work or experience in computer graphics, virtual reality, visualization, or  human computer interaction.  Students should be strong programmers.


General Advice

Get into research NOW! Whether you are deciding whether to go to grad school or are already there, getting involved in research early is the best plan of action.  At worst, you will decide that you do not want to go to grad school. At best it will help build your resume, make you a better candidate for grad school, pay you, help you to get a job later on, and be very rewarding.


Time Commitments for Research

Minimum time commitment is one year.  Undergrad, Masters, or Ph.D.sStudents looking to work on research for course credit are very welcome to apply.  Starting research in your semester of graduation is too late. It helps if you have previously taken one of my classes (User Interfaces or Computer Graphics). For undergraduates, sophomores and juniors are excellent candidates as they will have sufficient time to learn and contribute to the team. 


Course Credit: Independent Study/Directed Research

If you would like to get involved with my research, make an  A in my Computer Graphics or User Interfaces  class first. If you have not taken either of these classes but are generally interested,  I will typically give you a small project to work on in your spare time. This will give you an idea of what this research is all about.  Please request directed research/independent study well before the semester starts.



Financial Support for Research

Fall 2011: I have several openings including: graduate RAs and undergraduates (UTSA only).


A student who wants financial support must first complete one or more of the following:


- Do an Independent Study or Directed Research with me 

- Take one of my classes: User Interfaces or Computer Graphics. Make an A and do an awesome final project.

- If you have previously taken one or more courses in Computer Graphics, User Interfaces, Computer Vision, or Visualization, show me impressive demos, videos, or publications on what you have done.






This page was inspired by/shamelessly cannibalized from: Benjamin Lok (UF – David Banks (FSU -, Larry Hodges (UNCC -, Fred Brooks (UNC -