Mark A. Robinson
Adjunct Professor
Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at San Antonio

Office NPB 3.202
Phone (210) 458-5545
Email mark.robinson at

About Me

Although I spent my first 17 years of life in a small town in Texas, I quickly came to think of San Antonio as my home after arriving in the late eighties. I attended Trinity University for my undergraduate degree and obtained an Honors B.S. in Computer Science in 1993. After Trinity, I worked as a software developer and network administrator at a few different companies here in town, as well as three of my own startups. I currently own and work for a specialty insurance software development company. In 2002, I realized that my business was mostly self-maintaining, so I began pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at The University of Texas at San Antonio under Kay Robbins. I finished my Masters in 2006 and focused on my company for the next two years. In 2008, I began my PhD work in Computer Science at UTSA advised by Jianwei Niu. I received the Presidential Doctoral Fellowship in 2011 and completed my degree in 2013.

I currently teach Computer Science and Software Engineering at the undergraduate level while remaining a practicing software developer. Industry involvement provides me and my students with a realistic and up-to-date perspective of real-world software engineering practice and scenarios. My research areas are "soft" access control techniques for software developers, automatic test case generation, and software engineering education.

Awards and Recognition

  • Presidential Dissertation Fellowship recipient, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Fall 2011
  • Nominated for President’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2015
  • Nominated for Howe Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2015
  • Certificate of Teaching Excellence recipient, 2015
  • Nominated for Regents' Oustanding Teaching Award, 2016
  • Another Teaching Excellence certificate, 2016
  • Nominated for President’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2017
  • Nominated for Faculty Mentor Award for Undergraduate Research, 2017
  • Another Teaching Excellence certificate, 2017

About this site

I threw this site together in about a week using a mixture of Bootstrap (a wonderful web-dev framework) and home-brewed PHP. Some of the themes that I mashed up are Carousel, Navbar, Dashboard, and Jumbotron. I used PHP for dynamic content generation instead of Javascript or jQuery to keep the client-side cleaner (and it's just plain easy).

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