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I have the coolest students!
The following comments were taken from all of my evaluations since 2014. I am not particularly hip regarding colloquialisms, but my wife assures me that none of these are too vulgar. Note: this page randomly fetches 9 comments per refresh (out of 145 total).

CS 4743

I think the professor is a good teacher. he always show us what he is talking. I learn a lot from his class. But it is not easy class.

CS 2123

Extremely intelligent and just overall a great professor. This is my third time taking him for a CS class.

CS 3773

This is an excellent and well taught course, that's about all there is to it. Dr. Robinson is helpful, engaging, and encourages students to get involved with software engineering on a very real level.

CS 2123

Prof. Robinson always does a fantastic job in his teaching. Knows how to mix effectively present the material while still offering a challenge.

CS 1063

Professor Robinson was a great professor. He helped me out a lot throughout the whole semester, he always responded timely to emails within a 24 hour period. He taught all the info so well that everyone knew what was going on and had a great understanding of the course.

CS 3443

Dr. Robinson is very proficient in the course material (i.e. Java) and provides interesting demo implementations of the course concepts. He is genuinely interested in and excited about programming and always willing to provide help if needed.

CS 4953

Dr. Robinson is what I would consider an outstanding example of a professor who is transparent with his students. There are no hidden requirements or details missing from what he expects people to do and is clear about what he wants us to accomplish. There is also no vagueness. His lectures are also engaging and entertaining, and The Mythical Man Month is a great companion to this course and manifests the ideas and paradigms students should apply to their own software engineering projects. Overall I had no problems with the course and also appreciate Dr. Robinson's flexibility in letting students choose their own projects & the language with which they will build it, as well as his willingness to step in and remedy group issues. Thank you, professor.

CS 1713

he is a very good teacher and listener

CS 1713

Professor Robinson did a great job in his teaching style. He makes sure all of his students understand the material before moving on to the next topic and he actively includes his students in his examples. Really glad to have had him as a Professor and would love to take an upper division computer science class taught by him in the future.

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