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I have the coolest students!
The following comments were taken from all of my evaluations since 2014. I am not particularly hip regarding colloquialisms, but my wife assures me that none of these are too vulgar. Note: this page randomly fetches 9 comments per refresh (out of 145 total).

CS 4743

The material covered in this course, along with the structure of the assignments has made this one of the most beneficial classes I have taken at UTSA. I hope that this class continues to be offered.

CS 3443

Mark Robinson is the dopest. Really though, I enjoy taking his classes and I think he teaches the course material well.

CS 4743

Excellent professor.

CS 2123

Prof. Robinson always does a fantastic job in his teaching. Knows how to mix effectively present the material while still offering a challenge.

CS 4953

This was by far the most enjoyment I've had in a computer science class. The instructor was more of a mentor than a professor the distinguishing factor is that he guides with a focus on inspiration to do more.

CS 1063

Learning computer programming is comparable to learning a new language. When taking a course in a foreign language it is always beneficial to have a teacher that is fluent and experienced with the language. Professor Robinson was extremely fluent in the language of Java programming. He was able to help with any complications that students would have, and he made himself available almost 24/7 if we ever needed help. I also want to mention that Professor Robinson was one of the most friendly and encouraging instructor I have ever had. He was always considerate and respectful to his students, even when we asked poor questions.

CS 2123

Doc Rob is honestly the best teacher I've ever had, I've gone out of my way to take him multiple times.

CS 4743

Dr. Robinson is my favorite teacher this semester. Very personable, intelligent, and excited about teaching his classes. His lesson plans are designed in a way to encourage curiosity and build on concepts learned from previous classes. A+ all around.

CS 4723

I love Doc Rob.

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