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I have the coolest students!
The following comments were taken from all of my evaluations since 2014. I am not particularly hip regarding colloquialisms, but my wife assures me that none of these are too vulgar. Note: this page randomly fetches 9 comments per refresh (out of 258 total).

CS 1063

Pretty hard course but teacher knew the material very well. Excellent attitude towards the subject, which made me want to go to class. Always easy to reach for help. would recommend to any student, loved it.

CS 4783

This course wasn't very lecture based, but I still learned a lot from the group project experience. I enjoyed working on our project and getting critique guidance from Robinson throughout the semester. This is one of the courses I feel like relates most to real world experience. Definitely enjoyed it.

CS 4783

Fantastic class. Easily the most hands on class I have had at UTSA and contributed greatly to practical job skills. Learning concepts in theory is great, but actually having experience and knowing you can apply them in the real world is an invaluable experience. I wish the degree had more hands on and practical applications of concepts like this class.

CS 3773

I like the real instance and industry standard techniques taught.

CS 4743

Dr. Robinson is great! I would take him every semester if I could. He is very knowledgeable in his field of profession. I've learned more in his classes than any other software engineering courses I've taken.

CS 3443

Even with such large class, the instructor managed to keep things engaging and interesting while being realistic about learning objectives, often going quickly through previously done or easy information. The instructor would bring self-programmed demos to class demonstrating coding principles being learned and showed a dedication to explaining each point to satisfaction.

CS 4953

Dr. Robinson did a great job instructing us throughout the semester. He was very understanding of all the problems that students had and did his best to solve them. He encouraged all of us to succeed and gave us honest advice on our projects. Would definitely retake him if given the opportunity.

CS 4953

Dr. Robinson was very helpful and responded to questions quickly. I've taken two other courses with him before, and while they are challenging, I think I learned a lot about my field from him. This class was no exception. Excellent professor.

CS 1713

Possibly the best teacher I've had in college. Has great notes and examples to help fully understand the material. Very patient always goes back if asked fair grading system.

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