Cloud & Big Data


a neutral, third party research and education laboratory that encourages research, the development, and adoption of standards-based open technologies such as Open Compute, OpenStack, and OpenFlow.

The Could and Big Data Laboratory is devoted to the research of new technologies and innovations in multiple areas of computing. Exploratory Research offers a chance to venture into the unknown of new technologies and methods of computing. By pushing the limits of our current capabilities, expanding our knowledge and examining new usage models we can dream up new fantastic ways to use technology for the future.

Our Research

What Our Fellows are vested in and are best at..

Medical Imaging

Imaging devices such as CT-Scanners, MRI, etc. use back-projection as one of the image reconstruction techniques to diagnose the distribution of structures inside the body...

Provenance data

Provenance refers to the origin and all the processes that contribute to the current or any specific state of a data object...

Robotic Data Processsing

The overall goal is to work towards a system to interpret data for use in navigation, target identification, and model comparison...

Attribute Based Access Management In Openstack

Cloud computing has started to affect service models in IT area..