UTSA OCP Certification and Solution Laboratory

As the Open Compute Project continues to grow, and as the community submits more and more content, there is a great need for a transparent and scalable approach that ensures solutions meet minimum OCP standards for compliance and interoperability and are branded as such.

The OCP Compliance & Interoperability project (C&I) will establish a framework that enables a transparent approach for qualifying solutions to become OCP branded. It will allow providers to leverage a common set of tools and processes to deliver solutions that meet OCP defined guidelines and expectations and consumers the assurance that OCP branded solutions meet those expectations. In addition it positions OCP C&I as a base certification layer that can be leveraged by communities & technologies beyond OCP.

Two types of quality assurance and validation will be made available by the UTSA laboratory:

OCP Certification: Designed for hardware vendors that provide Open Compute server and storage and network systems. UTSA Open Compute Certification Lab faculty, staff and students will work with the OCP community and OCP partner teams to provide detailed testing criteria in quality assurance and validation laboratories to validate compatibility and certification.

Solution: Designed for platform vendors building highly scalable cloud and big-data software stacks. The UTSA laboratory will work closely with vendors to provide a testing validation environment that confirm the compatibility of hardware and software stack. The laboratory will publish reference architecture and solution blueprints.

List of Certified OCP Platforms by UTSA OCP Certification and Solution Laboratory:

AMD Open System 3.0

Provider ID: Penguin, P1728876, QTFCS13330029


Provider ID: Hyve Solutions, HYV-00646,QTFCS13320024


Provider ID: Avnet, QTFCS13230013



Provider ID: Avnet, Intel G11481-354


Provider ID: Quanta, Quanta S210-X12RS