CS6463: Cloud and Big Data, Fall 2014

Time : Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm -- 8:45pm
Instructor: Palden Lama
Office: FLN 4.01.52
Email: palden.lama@utsa.edu

Course Description

This course encompasses a comprehensive study of the system architecture, enabling technologies, software environment, and innovative applications of Cloud Computing and Big Data. The course will give students an overview of the inner workings of the open source Cloud Operating System (OpenStack), server virtualization techniques, Big Data processing framework (Apache Hadoop), the MapReduce programming model and their applications. In addition, We will discuss recent research in cloud computing and big data with a focus on efficient cloud resource management, performance control, and energy efficiency. The course will require student-led paper presentations and discussions. Students will work on cloud computing and big data processing related projects in groups and write a report in a research conference format.

Course topics:

Required Backgrounds