Multimedia and Vision Lab

Qi Tian

Professor, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow,
Office: NPB 3.306, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio
Phone: (210)-458-5165
Fax: (210)-458-4437
Email: qitian AT cs DOT utsa DOT edu
Mailing address: One UTSA Circle, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78249-1604
Data and Vision Seminar

Data and Vision Weekly Seminar

Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at San Antonio


The Data and Vision Seminar is a weekly informal seminar and discussion. It provides an opportunity for interested faculty members and their students to discuss research closely related to data mining, data processing, visualization, computer vision, pattern recognition, and multimedia databases. Possible applications include image and video processing, bioinformatics (e.g., microarray analysis, genome signal processing), medical databases and management, and security and surveillance related fields such as biometrics, video surveillance, and database security.


Organizers: Qi Tian, Kay Robbins, Weining Zhang, Tom Bylander, Carola Wenk, Yufei Huang (EE), Jianhua Ruan

Time: Every Friday

Place: SB 4.01.20, CS Conference Room

Seminar Schedule:

All are welcome to attend the Data and Vision Seminar. To add your email to our list or schedule a talk, please send an email to Qi Tian at

Questions and Comments?

Please send emails to, or seminar co-organizers: Qi Tian, Kay Robbins, Weining Zhang, Thomas Bylander Yufei Huang, Carola Wenk, and Jianhua Ruan.