Fall 2006:

CS 6463, AT: Applied Cryptography



Shouhuai Xu

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Science Building 4.01.46

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TR 7:00 -- 8:15 PM, tba

Course objectives

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Course schedule (tentative, subject to change)

[Special acknowledgments: The lectures will adopt many materials, in one way or another, from many colleagues in the research community. I will acknowledge them on the first slide of each lecture by pointing to the appropriate source, if available. Many thanks, folks!]
    1. Aug. 24, Overview of the Course
    2. Aug. 29, Discussion of suggested projects
    3. Aug. 31, What is Cryptographic Key Infrastructure? What is Public Key Infrastructure? Why do we need them?
    4. Sept. 5, Cryptographic basics I: hash functions
    5. Sept. 7, Cryptographic basics II: block ciphers, stream ciphers, and symmetric key cryptosystems
    6. Sept. 12, Crytographic basics III: digital signatures
    7. Sept. 14, Cryptographic basics IV: Message authentication schemes
    8. Sept. 19, Cryptographihc basics V: Public key cryptosystems
    9. Sept. 21, The certificate revocation problem I
    10. Sept. 26, The certificate revocation problem II
    11. Sept. 28, The certificate revocation problem III
    12. Oct. 3, Identity certificates
    13. Oct. 5, Attribute certificates
    14. Oct. 10, Privacy-friendly certificates
    15. Oct. 12, Identity-based certificates
    16. Oct. 17, Trusted Computing
    17. Oct. 19, Can Trused Computing solve the PKI problem?
    18. Oct. 24, OS security and PKI
    19. Oct. 26, Identity safety and PKI I
    20. Oct. 31, Identity safety and PKI II
    21. Nov. 2, Kleptography
    22. Nov. 7, Cryptovirus and PKI I
    23. Nov. 9, Cryptovirus and PKI II
    24. Nov. 14, PKI vs. Symmetric Key Management I
    25. Nov. 16, PKI vs. Symmetric Key Management II
    26. Nov. 21, Trusted Path and PKI
    27. Nov. 23, Peer-to-peer security and PKI
    28. Nov. 28, Privacy-friendly PKI
    29. Nov. 30, Survivability of PKI I
    30. Dec. 5, Survivability of PKI II
    31. Dec. 7,
    32. Dec. 12,
    33. Dec. 14

Suggested projects / lecture slides / reading list


Useful stuff

ePrint of International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
Shafi Goldwasser and Mihir Bellare's Lecture Notes on Cryptography
Oded Goldreich's Foundations of Cryptography
Handbook of Cryptography
Bruce Schenier's Applied Cryptography