CS 6973, Special Problems: Applied Cryptography



Shouhuai Xu

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Science Building 4.01.46

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By appointment only. Please drop me an email with multiple time slots, from which I will pick up one to meet with you.

When, at where

Theusday & Thursday, 7:00 -- 8:15 PM, Engineering Building 2.04.02

Course objectives

Grading policy

How it works?

Course schedule (tentative, subject to change)

[Special acknowledgments: The lectures will adopt many materials, in one way or another, from many colleagues in the research community. I will acknowledge them on the first slide of each lecture by pointing to the appropriate source, if available. Many thanks, folks!]
    1. Aug. 26, Overview of the Course + Foundations of Modern Cryptography (warm-up)
    2. Aug. 28, P vs. NP (warm-up)
    3. Sept. 2, Block Ciphers
    4. Sept. 4, Hash Functions
    5. Sept. 9, Message Authentication Schemes
    6. Sept. 11, Digital Signature Schemes
    7. Sept. 16, The RSA Cryptosystem
    8. Sept. 18, What Cryptography Can and Cannot Do?
    9. Sept. 23, Anti-Spam (I)
    10. Sept. 25, Anti-Spam (II)
    11. Sept. 30, Anti-DDOS (I)
    12. Oct. 2, Anti-DDOS (II) (proposal due)
    13. Oct. 7, Anti-DDOS (III)
    14. Oct. 9, Certified Email
    15. Oct. 14, Securing Passwords
    16. Oct. 16, AI-based Security
    17. Oct. 21, Project Progress Presentation (per group)
    18. Oct. 23, Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    19. Oct. 28, (special schedule; see remark above)
    20. Oct. 30, (special schedule; see remark above)
    21. Nov. 4, (special schedule; see remark above)
    22. Nov. 6, (special schedule; see remark above)
    23. Nov. 11, Project Progress Presentation (per group)
    24. Nov. 13, Running Unreliable Code
    25. Nov. 18, Location Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing
    26. Nov. 20, Virus
    27. Nov. 25, Malicious Use of Cryptography
    28. Nov. 27, Thanksgiving (no class, and enjoy)
    29. Dec. 2, Worm (You may turn in your final report at the beginning of the class)
    30. Dec. 4, No class
    31. Dec. 9, No class
    32. Dec. 11, Final Presentation (You may turn in your revisited final report at the beginning of the presentation)

Useful stuff (more are coming ...)

ePrint of International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
Shafi Goldwasser and Mihir Bellare's Lecture Notes on Cryptography
Oded Goldreich's Foundations of Cryptography
Handbook of Cryptography
Bruce Schenier's Applied Cryptography