CS 6973, Special Problems: Applied Cryptography



Shouhuai Xu

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Science Building 4.01.46

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MW 7-8PM

When, at where

MW 8:30 -- 9:45 PM, HSS 3.03.14

Course objectives

Grading policy

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How should I prepare a proposal?

Course schedule (tentative, subject to change)

[Special acknowledgments: The lectures will adopt many materials, in one way or another, from many colleagues in the research community. I will acknowledge them on the first slide of each lecture by pointing to the appropriate source, if available. Many thanks, folks!]
    1. Aug. 24, Overview of the Course
    2. Aug. 29, P vs. NP (warm-up)
    3. Aug. 31, History and Foundations of Modern Cryptography
    4. Sept. 5, Labor Day Holiday (no class)
    5. Sept. 7, Block Ciphers
    6. Sept. 12, Hash Functions (including the recent breaking news on hash function)
    7. Sept. 14, Digital Signature Schemes
    8. Sept. 19, Special arrangement: Today's lecture is substituted by Invited Talk at 7:30pm Sept. 19 Main Building, Room 0.106. Notice that before this talk, there is another talk on September 19, 2005, 1:00PM – 2:00PM in the CS conference room, and yet another talk on September 20, 2005, 2:00PM – 3:00PM, BS Building, Loeffler Room 3.03.02.
    9. Sept. 21, The RSA Cryptosystem
    10. Sept. 26, Project proposal due and presentation (out of town; rescheduled to Oct.3)
    11. Sept. 28, Message Authentication Schemes
    12. Oct. 3, Trusted Computing (The two merged lectures take place in the CS Conference Room at 7:00PM-10PM; you need to hand in and present your proposal)
    13. Oct. 5, Bettering HCI for Security and Privacy
    14. Oct. 10, Securing MANETs and Sensor Networks I
    15. Oct. 12, Securing MANETs and Sensor Networks II
    16. Oct. 17, Securing MANETs and Sensor Networks III (special arrangement: today's lecture is to be substituted by Invited Talk on Oct. 18, 2pm, room number TBA)
    17. Oct. 19, Countering Worm I
    18. Oct. 24, Countering Worm II
    19. Oct. 26, Countering Worm III
    20. Oct. 31, Countering-Countering Worm IV
    21. Nov. 2, On the security of group communication schemes based on symmetric key cryptosystems
    22. Nov. 7, Secure Knowledge Management I (out of town; rescheduled to Oct. 28, 6:00pm-7:15pm in the CS conference room)
    23. Nov. 9, Secure Knowledge Management II (out of twon; rescheduled to Oct. 28, 7:16pm-8:30pm in the CS conference room)
    24. Nov. 14, Policy-driven access control with mixed credentials (class meet in the CS conference room at 7:00pm)
    25. Nov. 16, Mapping Internet Sensors with Probe Response Attacks (out of town; rescheduled to Nov. 14, 8:16pm-9:30pm in the CS conference room)
    26. Nov. 21, RFID Security and Privacy I
    27. Nov. 23, RFID Security and Privacy II
    28. Nov. 28, Peer-to-Peer Security I
    29. Nov. 30, Peer-to-Peer Security II
    30. Dec. 5, No class
    31. Dec. 7, No class
    32. Dec. 12, No class
    33. Dec. 13, Final Presentation (8:00pm-10:45pm)

Useful stuff

ePrint of International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
Shafi Goldwasser and Mihir Bellare's Lecture Notes on Cryptography
Oded Goldreich's Foundations of Cryptography
Handbook of Cryptography
Bruce Schenier's Applied Cryptography