Supervising in the Laboratory for Cybersecurity Dynamics

Current Post-Docs

Current PhD/MS Thesis Students I supervise

Former Post-Docs

Graduated PhD students I supervised

1.     Marcus Pendleton (PhD Dissertation: System Call Anomaly Detection in Multi-threaded Programs), Nov. 2017. First employment: AFRL.

2.     Moustafa Saleh (PhD Dissertation: Detection and Classification of Obfuscated Malware), April 2016. First employment: Security Engineer, Microsoft.

3.     Li Xu (PhD Dissertation: Characterizing and Detecting Malicious Websites), May 2014. First employment: Research Engineer, Yahoo! Labs

4.     Zhenxin Zhan (PhD Dissertation: A Statistical Framework for Analyzing Cyber Threats), May 2014. First Employment: Security Researcher, Juniper Networks

5.     Qingji Zheng (PhD Dissertation: Verifiable Delegation of Computing over Outsourced Data), April 2014. First Employment: Staff Researcher, Huawei Research Center in San Jose, CA

6.     Paul Parker (PhD Dissertation: Protecting Cryptographic Keys and Functions from Software-based Attacks), Dec 2010. First employment: Assistant Professor at Dallas Baptist University


Graduated MS students I supervised with Thesis


1.     Jose David Mireles (MS Thesis: Modeling and Analyzing Cyber Adaptations and Attack Narratives), July 2017. First employment: US Army.

2.     Asma Alshehri (MS Thesis: A Study on Complex Network Resilience), Dec. 2013.

3.     Adam Tyra (MS Thesis: A Characterization of Complex Network Attack Resilience), Dec. 2012. (Adam was a part-time student.)

4.     Giovanni Del Valle (Masters Thesis: Protecting Cryptographic Keys from Memory Disclosure Attacks), May 2010. First employment: Rackspace

5.     Erhan John Kartaltepe (Masters Thesis: Malicious Impostor Emails: Emerging Threats and Countermeasures), April 2006. First employment: SouthWest Research Institute.


Defended PhD Dissertation Committees I Served


1.     Khalid Zaman (CS@UTSA), PhD Thesis: Constraints for Attribute Based Access Control with Application in Cloud IaaS, Defended in April 2015.

2.     Yiming Han (CS@UTSA), PhD Thesis: Hierarchical Distributed Loop Self-Scheduling Schemes on Cluster and Cloud Systems, Defended in April 2014.

3.     Yuan Cheng (CS@UTSA), PhD Thesis: Access Control for Online Social Networks Using Relationship Type Patterns. Defended in April 2014.

4.     Pengjun Pan (CS@UTSA). PhD Thesis: Energy-efficient Secure and Anonymous Communication Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. May 2013.

5.     Weisong Tian (ECE@UTSA). PhD Thesis: Generalized Homogeneous Methodologies and New Solutions to Control Problems of Nonlinear Systems. April 2013.

6.     Hongwei Tian (CS@UTSA). PhD Thesis: Privacy-preserving Data Mining Through Data Publishing and Knowledge Model Sharing. 2012

7.     Lijie Zhang (CS@UTSA). PhD Thesis: Privacy-Preservation in Social Graphs. 2012.

8.     Ruting Jia (ECE@UTSA). PhD Thesis: Semi-global Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems via Output Feedback and Sampled-Data Controls with Applications to Power Systems. 2012.