CS3733: Operating Systems

Class Time:   Tu/Th, 4 pm - 5:15 pm (MH 2.01.24)
Office Hour:  Tu: 2:50pm~3:50pm, Th: 2:30pm~3:50pm. (NPB 3.328)
Final:             05/07, 3:15pm--5:45pm
My Email: Tongping.Liu@utsa.edu
TA:Xueling Zhang, zhangxlcss@gmail.com
TA Office Hour: Tu: 2pm~5pm in Main Lab


Time Topic Notes Slides & Assignments
Week 1 Introduction SGG 1; USP 1 OverviewSlides
Week 2 Programs and Processes SGG 3.1-3.2; USP 2 Assignment 1, Deadline: 01/31
Week 3 Process and Scheduling SGG 5.1-5.3 lecture-03-CPUScheduling
Week 4 CPU Scheduling, Unix IO, file operations SGG 5.6 lecture-05-IO-FS-USP-4-5
Assignment 2, Deadline: 2/14
Week 5 Unix IO, file operations USP chapters 4 and 5
Week 6 Special files and IPC communication USP chapters 6 and 7 Lecture 06 slides MidtermIReview
Week 7 Virtual Memory, MidtermI Lecture 07 slides
Week 8 Virtual Memory Assignment3, Deadline: 03/23
Week 9 Virtual Memory
Week 10 Spring Break
Week 11 Virtual Memory SGG 08, 09 Lectur09
Week 12 Review, Threads, Critical Sections, Synchronization (hardware, software) SGG 4 Lecture11
Week 13 MidtermII, Monitors, Conditional Variables, Signals MidtermIIReview
Assignment4, Deadline: 04/27
Week 14 Monitors, Conditional Variables, Signals Lecture12
Week 15 Posix Semaphores and Mutexes Lecture13
Week 16 Review Lecture14
Final Review
Week 17 Self-study


There will be NO recitation during the first week of class; The schedule of the recitation is tentative;
Week-02: Recitation A: Using the system
Week-03: Recitation B: Timing and static variables
Week-04: Recitation C1: Context-Switching and Process Scheduling FIFO
Week-05: Recitation C2: Process Scheduling SJF, PR, RR with a given quantum
Week-06: continue recitation C
Week-07: Qustion and answer session! Midterm Exam I;
Week-08: Recitation D: Named pipes and reading from multiple file/pipe descriptors
Week-09: Continue with Recitation D
Week-10: Spring Break!
Week-11: Practices with Questions and Answers on Memory Management!
Week-12: Recitation E: POSIX Threads
Week-13: Recitation F: POSIX Mutex Locks
Week-14: Qustion and answer session! Midterm Exam II

Homework and Practices

Homework-01: Trace pointers (review materials); Due: before class on Tuesday of week 2!
Homework-02: Process creation ; Due: before class on Tuesday of week 3!
Homework-03: CPU Scheduling Due: before class on Tuesday of week 5!
Homework-04: I/O and file tables Due: before class on Tuesday of week 6!
Homework-05: IPC and pipes Due: before class on Tuesday of week 7!
Homework-06: Memory Management and Page Table Due: before class on Thursday of week 9!
Homework-07: Memory Management with Paging Due: before class on Tuesday of week 11!
Homework-08: Virtual Memory and Page Replacement Due: before class on Tuesday of week 12!
Homework-09: Threads Parameters Passing Due: before class on Tuesday of week 13!
Homework-10: Synchronization with Semaphores Due: before class on Tuesday of week 14!