CLOUDSYS: Cloud Systems Lab

CLOUDSys: Cloud Systems Lab

The CLOUDSys Lab aims to conduct transformative research on the Cloud ecosystem, and develop innovative technologies to efficiently solve Big Data and Big Compute problems of today and the next generation.



Research Associates/Assistants

Sponsoring Projects

Analysis and Training for the Defense of Biological and Digital Threats (Sponsor: Department of Homeland Security, Role: Early Career Awardee/Investigator. 9/2014 - 8/2020)

The project focuses on enabling and improving cloud based informatics capabilities that are needed to support both biological and digital threat assessment activities. It involves introducing undergraduate DHS scholars/students to cross-disciplinary teaching and research on biological and digital pathogens, informatics techniques and procedures useful for pathogenic outbreak investigations.

Collaborative Research: Chameleon: A Large-Scale, Reconfigurable Experimental Environment for Cloud Research (Sponsor: NSF, Role: Key Personnel. 10/2014 - 09/2017)

This project focuses on building a large-scale platform to the open research community allowing them to explore transformative concepts in programmable cloud services, design, and core technologies.

Locality-Aware Fair Scheduling of ZeroVM in Multi-tenant Cloud (Sponsor: RackSpace, Role: Student Advisor. 08/2014 - 08/2017)

This project focuses on advancing an open source hypervisor technology, ZeroVM, to accelerate big data processing in the Cloud.