CLOUDSYS: Cloud Systems Lab

CLOUDSys: Cloud Systems Lab

Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio
Lab PI: Palden Lama, (palden.lama [at]

NSF CNS Core: Small: Robust Performance Guarantee of Containerized Microservices in the Cloud

Large-scale web services such as Netflix and Spotify are increasingly built with many small modular components (microservices), which can be deployed, updated and scaled seamlessly. These microservices are packaged to run in lightweight and isolated execution environment (containers) and deployed on compute resources rented from cloud providers. However, the complexity of many moving parts with complex interactions and the contention of shared hardware resources in cloud datacenters pose significant challenges in managing web service performance. This project will develop novel performance models and resource management solutions that can enable cloud platforms to provide robust performance guarantee for large-scale web services.